Montre Tour Eiffel de Face

The first watch made of steel from the Eiffel Tower

SAINT HONORE has designed a collector's timepiece: the first ever to be made from a piece of metal girder from the world's most famous monument. SAINT HONORE has used this precious component to make the bezel, its decoration and brown colour an unmistakable reference to the French monument.

2017, SAINT HONORÉ reveals a 64 pieces limited edition of this exceptional timepiece. The small second hand is replaced by a stylized wheel which evokes the Eiffel Tower red elevators,

From €2,490.00
Montre Tour Eiffel de Face

A world

In partnership with the Eiffel Tower Operating Committee, SAINT HONORE was provided with 200 kg of iron dating from 1885, taken from the Eiffel Tower Arch. This was melted and processed with 15% chrome to produce a stainless steel bezel.

Montre Tour Eiffel à la lunette inoxydable
Montre Made of Tour Eiffel

A unique collection timepiece

The "Made from Eiffel Tower" bezel surrounds a raised dial based around the same architecture; at its centre, it reveals the train of the automatic mechanical movement specially customised by SAINT HONORE. This year, the dial is adorned with a red wheel marking the seconds, in reference to the famous red elevators of the monument.

Customised pin buckle
decorated with "Eiffel Tower" lattice pattern

Customised crown
decorated with "Eiffel Tower" lattice pattern

A legendary piece of history on your wrist

  • Bezel carved from a piece of the Eiffel Tower decorated with a lattice pattern
  • Open dial echoing the architecture of the Eiffel Tower
  • Sellita automatic movement, "Eiffel Tower" customised oscillating weight
  • Water resistant to 50 m
  • Limited edition of 1,885 steel pieces
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by the Eiffel Tower Committee (SETE)
  • Made in Switzerland
Montre Tour Eiffel décoré de croisillons

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