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A beautiful ending to the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles

SAINT HONORE crew was in 14th place after the first legs of the rally. The duo then had to face the desert during 2 marathons: last and final comments on the race.

Alone in the desert


After leg 4 was cancelled, the crews from Rallye des Gazelles are up for a new challenge, the marathon. It lasts 2 days, during which Gazelles are totally in total autonomy: they will not go back to the camp for the night. 12 checkpoints need to be found, with an ideal distance of 170 km: even if they have 2 days, they still need to hurry. Marathons also mean they do not have mechanical assistance nor refueling, therefore they need to be careful. Despite the absence of a real camp to go back to for the night, several teams usually gather up for a makeshift camp under the stars. A perfect time to relax among Gazelles!

And if this wasn’t enough, the rally ends up with… a second marathon! This time their route will take them through Erg Chegaga and Lake Iriqui. This leg is quite a challenge, but also an unforgettable experience in the middle of such beautiful landscapes!


After being able to stay in the top 15 since the beginning of the rally, SAINT HONORE crew ends the first marathon (leg 5) on 13th place. It seems the Kiera Chaplin-Sophie Tapie duo works out pretty well: they keep on improving, and end the race on 11th place.

Back to civilization

The 6th leg finises with an arrival at the camp in a Berber atmosphere: one last evening in the desert, some well-deserved relaxed time amongst Gazelles.

They all reach Essaouira on Saturday morning and make a triumphant entry on the beach, a symbolic moment of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles. After 9 days in the desert and 1300 km, all Gazelles enjoy their moment of glory, as they are welcomed by event organisers and partners, journalists and their families.

They are then welcomed under a marquee tent for the award ceremony; the founder of the event Dominique Serra took this opportunity to thank and congratulate all participants. All teams then made their way onto the stage, and winning teams received a prize.


SAINT HONORE is proud to have supported Kiera Chaplin and Sophie Tapie in this adventure; the duo did very well and successfully tamed the Moroccan desert!