Enjoy, a new women watch collection

SAINT HONORE unveils a new women watch collection with a novel design: let's discover Enjoy.

The woman who wears Enjoy is jovial, sparkling, optimistic...
Motivated by an ideal of well-being, she lives in a connected world where she cultivates her personality and asserts her identity. She is free: free to choose and free to follow her whims.

With its latest line Enjoy, SAINT HONORE takes a young and modern approach to sophistication, to appeal ever more to this new generation of active, determined women. The very original, streamlined design of this charming watch is its greatest asset.

Enjoy stands out for its rectangular geometrical shape softened by rounded corners: a totally unprecedented shape in the SAINT HONORE collection. A circle radiates at the centre of the very minimalist hour markers at the heart of the dial, bringing life and dynamic energy to the piece.

When designing the Enjoy line, SAINT HONORE considered all women, whatever their desires. Those with more traditional tastes will choose the simplified versions with Roman numerals or simple hour markers on the dials; bolder women will prefer the versions with the "Eclair" effect at the center of the dial or on the bezel.

The whole universe of this watch is intentionally optimistic, original and infused with liberty... Assets that will thrill women all over the world. Enjoy, what a personality!