New Allure women's watch collection: SAINT HONORE announces the color!

Inspired by the elegance of the French woman, Allure is a new line of harmoniously colored watches.


Throughout the world, the image of the French woman is one of a lady who remains chic, elegant and understated in every situation...
This naturally elegant and independent woman inspired SAINT HONORE in the creation of its new Allure line. A creation infused with femininity and modernity which expresses and enhances the inner beauty of a woman. SAINT HONORE flies its colours from the start: white, spring green, light grey, brown or blue. These hues bring out the pure beauty of the sunray-finished dials.


Allure, new watch 2018 collection


The production quality and care brought to the finishes are not to be outdone. The metal bracelet, composed of tightly nested little links (in a width of 25 mm), makes it a true piece of jewellery on the wrist. The full effect is very tasteful. Whether you choose the model in steel or with a pink or yellow PVD finish, a wide range of smooth leather straps are designed to coordinate harmoniously with the dial decoration, perfecting the refined shine of the case.


Allure: watches that are in step with the times, like these three versions that will brighten the wrists of active, fashion-conscious young women.