New Opera watch: an assertive femininity

The new Opéra watch designed by SAINT HONORE will certainly appeal to the woman who’s seeking a timepiece as a companion for all occasions.

SAINT HONORE rediscovers delicate and elegant proportions, bringing an innovative touch to a beautiful classic. The dial – the authentic signature of the Opéra line – is the first element that captures the eye. Each piece of the collection has been elaborately crafted to bring it an assertive personality. The dynamic lines of the 33 mm case are softened by dials with particularly exquisite, inventive interlacing designs.

Montre femme Opéra

The perfect colour coordination between the straps and dials also draws admiring glances: the two versions featuring white and brown dials are mounted on smooth, iridescent bracelets in the same shades. Opéra upholds the codes that have brought it renown: a round case with a timeless design, a bracelet extending into horns that perfectly clings to the wrist shape, and an interchangeable strap system that makes it possible to change the colour of the bracelet on a whim.
Adorned with black onyx, the crown has generous curves that enhance the model's refinement.

This new addition to the Opéra range confirms the position of this affordable yet exceptional model of the SAINT HONORE collection, which has been delighting women since 2012.