SAINT HONORE supports Breast Cancer Research

Each year, around 59000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in France. Despite advances in research, this disease is still the most prevalent amongst women. Action is still therefore necessary to advance research and find new treatments.

For Pink Ribbon October, the month dedicated to breast cancer screening, SAINT HONORE renews it support to the French association “Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!” for the second consecutive year and presents the “Pink Ribbon” special edition of the Opera Twist watch.

Montre Opera Ruban Rose
The "Pink Ribbon" Opera watch, made specially for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Its discreet heart shaped charm with a pink ribbon pattern and pink leather double strap are a reminder of the necessity of raising awareness. This watch is available on e-shop and at partner jewellery shops, at the price of €275. For each watch sold, €50 will be donated to the association.

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This year, SAINT HONORE also launched a social media campaign and invites its followers to post pictures of their pink SAINT HONORE watch. For each photo shared on Instagram or Facebook, 5€ will be donated to the association.

Saint Honore campagne Octobre rose
SAINT HONORE's campaign for Pink Ribbon Month.


Did you know?

The “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!” awareness campaign started in October 1994 in France.

Created by the Estée Lauder France group and Marie-Claire magazine, this campaign’s aim was to raise awareness among women and their relatives about breast cancer and the importance of screening.

Since then, engagement and mobilization grew strongly in order to inform more and more women about early screening.

Since 2004, the Pink Ribbon Prize enables the association to financially help research on breast cancer.

How to define breast cancer?

It all starts in breast cells. The malignant tumor is a group of cells which can invade surrounding tissues. It can also spread to other areas of the body, a process called metastasis.

Research and progress

Research continues and progress has been constant. Many researchers are involved and are mobilized every day in the fight against breast cancer.

Whether it is prevention, screening, diagnostic, treatment or follow-up care, all steps depend on research studies.

Main developments are in medical imaging and genetic testing for cancer screening.

A symbolic pink ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is nowadays symbolized by the Pink Ribbon in France and internationally.

In total, more than 160 million pink ribbons have been distributed worldwide as a free gift by Estée Lauder Companies, who also organizes the Pink Ribbon Photo Award.

Operation Octobre rose - Ruban rose
The pink ribbon, symbol for the fight against breast cancer.


Pink Ribbon Prizes

Created in 2003, the Pink Ribbon Prizes aim at supporting efforts in both clinical and fundamental research, but also innovations and significant progress in screening techniques, corrective surgery, psychology or improvements in quality of life for women diagnosed with cancer.

They are funded thanks to efforts from the association’s founders, to partners and supporters who join the Pink Ribbon campaign every year.

Ideas are always flowing when it comes to find funds to donate to the association: dedicated events or the creation of special editions of products (accessories, clothing, beauty brands…).

In France, 2 650 000 € were donated to “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!” association since 2004.

In 2018, the association grants 450 000 €, through its Pink Ribbon Prizes, in addition to an outstanding Research Grant of 50 000 €.