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The SH Connect watch, a new ally in your daily life

With this novelty, SAINT HONORE succeeds into combining tradition and modernity.


A non-intrusive technology


The world of watchmaking was always able to adapt to new trends, and SAINT HONORE makes a point of regularly offering innovative products. In the connected era, the brand has decided to include this technology in its watches… while perfectly matching its renowned designs. It is therefore the watch strap which is connected, and it can adapt to many dials.


The SH Connect collection, novelty of September 2018, includes connected straps alone but also mounted on some the brand’s leading watches. They are currently available in brown and black colors, and in sizes 20mm and 22mm, allowing an adaptation to a wide range of timepieces.


The leather strap is equipped with an OLED touchscreen and its Bluetooth connection enables a communication with a smartphone thanks to a dedicated application. The screen is located on the bottom piece of the strap, and thus remains discreet below the dial. While on standby, the screen is off; when a piece of information is given, notifications are done through written message and/or vibrations.


An accessory we would almost forget wearing!

A simplified use


Thanks to a pump system with spring, the connected strap is very easily mounted between the horns of the case. It is therefore not necessary to ask for professional help when changing your regular strap to the SH Connect one.


Charging is done via a cable which needs to be clipped on one end onto the strap and plugged on a USB port on the other end. Depending on usage, battery life can last several days.


One then needs to pair his strap to his smartphone; to do this, the SH Connect application is available on both Android and iOS. Once the strap and the smartphone’s Bluetooth ON, the pairing can be done in the application settings. You can also set your objectives and other functions.


You are now ready to use the SH Connect strap!

Real time information


The strap’s screen can display the following at any time: day, time and battery level, number of steps, calories burnt, distance traveled and “Find my phone” function. You only need to touch the screen to switch it on and these will show one after the other.


You will receive notifications (messages are shown on the screen and the strap vibrates) when you get texts, calls and application notifications. You can now stay focused and put your phone away!


However, if you’ve put your phone too far away and cannot find it again, select “Find my phone” on the screen, shake your wrist and your phone will ring.


Lastly, if you’re afraid time passes by too fast, you can set an “Inactivity alert” which will remind you of your immobility or alarms which will go off daily at the chosen time.


Check the application for a recap of your activity and objectives data.