SAINT HONORE is a true watchmaker, controlling all stages in the manufacture of its watches, from design to assembly, from quality control to distribution.

With its two workshops utilizing centuries old traditions and expertise and blending them with modern design trends, SAINT HONORE creates a contemporary collection designed to meet the tastes of discerning audiences worldwide.


Only the highest standards of craftsmanship prevail for SAINT HONORE

Every watch is assembled individually, inspected and ajusted by hand.

Launched in 2005, the "Tourbillon 1885" collection sets the brand firmly amongst the cream of watchmakers.



Although SAINT HONORE has long made its mark as an outstanding watchmaker thanks to its “Swiss Made” watches, the brand is also known for its “Made in France” craftsmanship in terms of writing instruments and accessories (cufflinks, wallets, etc.).

Based on SAINT HONORE’s unique expertise in the watchmaking world, the SAINT HONORE pen and accessory collection places emphasis on the brand’s expert craftsmanship.

A garantee of quality
and creativity

Conceived and manufactured in our French workshops, our pens and accessories are crafted in the finest materials, since only the best will do...

As the Swiss Made Label, French Made Label is a guarantee of quality and creativity.

Our writing instruments and accessories are guaranteed for 1 year .