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While the ladies’ Opéra and men’s Haussman watches are among the brand’s essential pieces, all the SAINT HONORE collections belong to the same family. Through the years, the brand’s watchmaking innovations have become distinctive features, and the same codes appear throughout the full range of its collections.

The chronograph, the measuring of time.

Masterpieces of the SAINT HONORE collection, chronograph watches combine precision, performance and innovation.

The chronograph is an additional mechanism making it possible to measure an interval of time. Its functions may be admired on a skilfully structured dial: Two or three counters tick off the seconds, minutes and hours.

On the more distinctive models, it embodies a strong identity, reinforcing this sport

Automatic watch, a free movement

A symbol of the brand’s expertise and heritage, the self-winding watch is a small watchmaking masterpiece. Its battery recharges itself thanks to the movements of the wrist, making it self-sufficient. The vibrations of a rotor generate enough energy to wind the spring, providing the watch with the strength to operate.

Often visible through an openworked dial, the self-winding movement thrills experts with its exquisite details.

The Tourbillon, an exceptional watch complication

A delicate, complex mechanism, the Tourbillon is one of the most ingenious mechanical combinations in watchmaking.

This little cage containing the escapement and balance wheel is the dream-come-true of master watchmakers: to achieve the perfection in terms of the mechanism’s functioning. It does away with differences in timekeeping while the watch is in a vertical position, an effect due to the Earth’s gravity on the watch movement mechanism.

The rotating monogram, that little something extra

To be precise, it is the “Tourbillon 1885” Haute Couture Collection of 2010 that inspired the SAINT HONORE brand to launch its first rotating monogram.

This accent is shaped like the brand’s initials and is located at 6 o’clock on the watch dial; its role is to replace the traditional seconds hand.

As the minutes go by, the seconds turn, and the monogram makes us fall in love with the time that is passing.

The Eclair effect, watches that sparkle like diamonds

In 2011, SAINT HONORE presented the “EclairTM effect, a unique technique designed to create a “diamond-paved” look. This metal engraving approach creates a surprising surface effect at the centre of a dial, but in the boldest models it is also used to adorn the bezel. The effect is admirable, particularly on diamond-set watches.

The most understated ladies’ watches become true jewels comparable to any piece of jewellery.

Specially suited straps: leather, steel, connected!

Each watch has its own distinctive style, and the strap is an integral part of that. A coloured strap enhances a trendy ladies’ watch, a crocodile skin strap boosts a classic look, and a steel bracelet reinforces a timeless design. A rubber strap, or one with overstitching, suits a sports watch. So why not a connected strap for a smart watch?

Would you like an additional strap, or to change your strap? Feel free to contact us!

Interchangeable straps, a new watch in a snap

In today’s world, interchangeable straps have become essential. Thanks to this simple, ingenious system, changing straps has never been so easy.

At SAINT HONORE, this feature was available on the former Gala collection. Today, Opéra watches offer this diversity, including leather straps, steel bracelets and fabric straps. In their Mini and Twist versions, simple and double straps are available in coloured, saddle-stitched or even liberty-print leather.

Originality in watch cases

Steel takes on a number of colours! On a stainless steel base, our watches are available with a variety of colour treatments. Don’t miss our yellow gold and pink gold models, or the eternally chic two-tone version. Men’s watches are available with titanium or black finishes.

A round or rectangular watch, a fluted bezel or a Clous de Paris pattern: originality is at your fingertips.

Matching accessories to complete your style

The SAINT HONORE brand also offers a men’s range of accessories.

These are developed and designed to coordinate with each watch collection to form a complete set in the same style. All the elements that make them up are locally manufactured in the area around Charquemont by small businesses that care about the quality of their products; they are then assembled in the SAINT HONORE workshop. These luxury accessories complete any look.