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They wear Saint Honore watches.

Kiera Chaplin

Model, actress and entrepreneur, Kiera Chaplin has been the muse of SAINT HONORE since 2018. Both seductive and elegant, this granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin perfectly represents the brand.

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A sports event, a collaboration in the name of elegance

A first encounter at the 2017 Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, where SAINT HONORE sponsored the team of Kiera Chaplin and Cindy Fabre, set the scene for what would happen next. Quickly, the teams met the brand and were presented with watch models, and events and photo shoots were organised. Through the lens of the photographer Frédéric Monceau, she first posed with the latest SAINT HONORE watches in 2018. The collaboration continued growing stronger, and the young woman launched her own watch collection in 2019. Conceived and developed with the brand’s designers, the collection reflects Kiera’s personality with bold, colourful watches that capture the eye.

« I’ve always loved watches that have a strong presence so that is why I chose to do my collection with bold colors and prints. The collection is a little edgy yet elegant. It is animal print inspired to bring out the sexy feline in you! If like me you are a strong classy lady with a hint of a wild side then this watch is perfect for you. »

Kiera Chaplin

“Brightly coloured watches and designs to bring out your sexy feline side!” 

In 2019, Kiera collaborated with SAINT HONORE for the launch of the new edition of one of the brand’s leading collections: Opera by Kiera.

Discover the Opera by Kiera Chaplin collection

Paul Belmondo

The SAINT HONORE brand’s passion for motor sports led to its encounter with Paul Belmondo, who was the watchmaker’s muse for a full decade.

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An ideal ambassador for sports lines

As a race car driver, skilful businessman, man of the cinema and father, Paul Belmondo has managed to distinguish himself in each of his activities. The last in a prestigious line of artists, Paul Belmondo asserts himself as an ingenious “jack of all trades”: car racing with Formula One and 24 Hours of Le Mans, professional success with the management of his own team and the Théâtre des Variétés, and further renown as a sports consultant on several television channels.

The SAINT HONORE brand couldn’t dream of a better ambassador to represent its distinctive watches. And the collaboration between Paul Belmondo and the brand began with the Black Racing edition of the Orsay Chronographe watch, which has a strong character and makes obvious reference to the automotive world. In tribute to the famous Parisian museum, this chronograph assumes the artistic style of the building, with its touch of Art Deco, while reinforcing its sporty allure.

The race car driver went on to wear other models, such as the Black Racing and Magnum editions of the Haussman watch, the Worldcode watch or the Monceau Chronographe watch.

Jazmin Grimaldi

SAINT HONORE had the honour of accompanying Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, daughter of Albert II Prince of Monaco, in her 2018 Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles adventure alongside Kiera Chaplin. Since then, she has regularly worn SAINT HONORE watches, and she willingly participates in the brand’s communication operations on the social networks. As an artist, she is also committed to humanitarian projects with her foundation The Jazmin Fund.

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CharlElie Couture

For the 125th anniversary of the SAINT HONORE brand, CharlElie designed a “watch-work”, The Line, with a design that is both minimalist and exclusive.

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A creative force on the brand’s side

A graduate of l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, CharlElie is a “multist” artist whose interdisciplinary creations cover various fields of exploration, including visual arts, writing and music. A long-standing friend of the brand, he made a painting for the 2004 inauguration of the SAINT HONORE boutique at 326 of the eponymous street in Paris. And in 2010, the watchmaker revealed the watch designed and signed by CharlElie, in a limited edition of 125 pieces. The piece is modern, refined and understated, and yet it expresses a reflection on time itself.

Here, time is brought to the forefront in two ways: in a linear way, with the straight white line that never ends; and also in a cyclical way, with eternal recurrence represented by the circle on the dial. With The Line, CharlElie not only offered up a new vision of time as a more beautiful eternity, but also brought a new dimension to the existing collections.

“I wanted the notion of time to come across in the line. I wanted something that would evoke movement: the movement of time and of beings. And also I wanted to express the concept of the organisation of a system. A white line, the direction that one chooses for oneself, in a way.” CharlElie

Saba Mubarak

A Jordanian actress and producer, Saba Mubarak made her début in the television series Qamar wa Sahar, before performing in a number of other Jordanian and Syrian series. She went on to a career in the cinema, appearing in Jordanian, Egyptian and Swedish films. Today she manages the Pan East Media production company. Through an encounter with the brand’s distribution network, Saba Mubarak quickly became the muse for SAINT HONORE in Jordan and the Middle Eastern region. She has been seen wearing SAINT HONORE watches at a variety of festivals, but she has also participated in several of the brand’s events, such as seminaries and product launches.

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Stéphane Sarrazin

A renowned professional race car driver, Stéphane Sarrazin stands out on the track and in rallies. His career was crowned with successes such as the title of Champion of France in 2004, victories at Le Petit Le Mans and Le Mans Series, and placing at 24 Hours of Le Mans. At this last race, Stéphane Sarrazin has represented the SAINT HONORE brand several times.

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Three pieces were specially designed for him: these watches are capable of withstanding the pressure of race car driving, providing SAINT HONORE with a unique opportunity to demonstrate, once again, the resistance of its watches to even the most demanding car races. For its first collaboration with the watchmaking brand, Stéphane Sarrazin wore the Haussman Forty7-24, an imposing chronograph of which every detail evokes the aesthetic codes of car racing. In 2013, he wore the Worldcode High Tech Céramique watch, a piece brightened by its ultra-resistant material. In 2015, he sported the Worldcode Black Racing watch, an athletic yet elegant watch with pink gold accents.

Carole Montillet

The French downhill skier Carole Montillet is known for her victory at the downhill ski event at the 2002 Olympics. She began skiing from an early age, and won her first competition at the age of eight. What followed were years of training that enabled her to place in a number of competitions, and in particular she eight times at the World Cup.

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After an admirable skiing career, she turned to car racing. In particular, she has participated in the Rallye des Gazelles some fifteen times, and to date she has enjoyed seven victories. This sports event brought the watchmaker closer to Carole Montillet, since she has been part of the SAINT HONORE team since 2014.

Christophe Tinseau

The French race car driver Christophe Tinseau has had the chance to experience a variety of car racing disciplines. His victory behind the wheel of the Elf car offered him the opportunity to drive single-seaters, from a Formula Renault to a Formula 3000. When his Formula 1 sponsor withdrew, he faced a turning point in his career. He decided to take on America, where he began a commendable career in endurance racing. This was how he encountered the SAINT HONORE brand. Christophe Tinseau went on to wear the Haussman Chronographe Black Racing, then the Haussman Forty7-24 watch while participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These resolutely sporty watches were specially designed for the race.

Katerina Shalkina

Today a soloist at the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Kateryna Shalkina made her débuts at the Kiev National Ballet. In 2000, she joined Rudra, the school of the Béjart Ballet; and soon after, Maurice Béjart invited her to join the Company. Captivated by Kateryna’s grace and artistic sensibility, the SAINT HONORE brand couldn’t have dreamed of a better representative for its famous, infinitely precious Opéra line of watches than such a dancer.

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Oona Chanel

Since she grew up in an artistic environment, Oona Chanel naturally developed an artistic inclination. She has not only appeared on the greatest runways of Paris, New York City and Milan; today she is behind the AUTHOR project, of which the publications are concentrated on fashion and art. SAINT HONORE had the opportunity to encounter Oona Chanel through her project to participate in a sports event alongside Kiera Chaplin.

Sébastien Col

A French sailor and specialist in match-racing, Sébastien Col has participated in a number of sailing competitions. He has won a number of awards, including several victories in the Melges 24 championships and first place in the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre race. He is also on board with several America’s Cup syndicates: after a first participation in Valencia in 2007, Sébastien Col wished to repeat the experience for the event’s 34th edition with the French team K-Challenge, which was then sponsored by SAINT HONORE as Official Chronometre.

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The Haussman Diving watch was specially created for the event: this model features pronounced sailing codes and a titanium finish that evokes the technical achievement required for the yachting challenge, both in terms of equipment and performance.
A fabulous sport combining prestigious places and exceptional yachts beautiful enough to inspire anyone, top-level sailing is a synonym for excellence, innovation, precision, technology and teamwork; and the watchmaking brand also shares these values.

Luana Belmondo

A native of Rome, Luana Belmondo moved to France after studying law. There, she began a short career as a model. Before long, she met Paul Belmondo, and she entirely consecrated herself to her family. In the beginning of the 2010s, she appeared on culinary television shows and features. She came into contact with SAINT HONORE through her husband, who was a spokesmodel for the brand at the time, and participated in several collection launch events.

Bruno Solo

A television presenter, actor, scriptwriter and director, Bruno Solo is known for his talent as a comic. After his beginnings on television, he landed his first roles in the cinema in the 1990s. Yvan – his character in the La Vérité Si Je Mens ! films – and the series Caméra Café confirmed his status as an actor.

He has joined forces with associations on several occasions, and he became the spokesperson for Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in 2012. He has continued to keep up with this sports competition, which has him closer to the SAINT HONORE brand, today its official sponsor.
As a friend of the brand, Bruno Solo makes regular appearances at events organised by SAINT HONORE. In particular, he was present at the launch of the Tour Eiffel 1885 watch, an edition presented to specialized watch journalists in 2018 at a dinner at the Le Jules Verne restaurant.

Adriana Karembeu

A model of Slovakian origin, Adriana Karembeu is also known for her talents as an actress and television presenter. As a model for major fashion and perfume brands, she made the cover of a number of magazines in the 1990s. She then went into the cinema and television, appearing in various shows, series and films. She turned to fund-raising early on, and began collaborating with the French Red Cross, for which she is now the ambassador, in 2000. It was the human side of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles that motivated her to participate in this race in 2006, and to become a spokesperson for it in 2013. The sports event brought Adriana Karembeu into contact with the SAINT HONORE brand, which was honoured to have her wear the Opéra Cœur de Gazelles watch, a limited series specially designed for the association of the same name.

Jean-Marc Généreux

A ballroom dancer and choreographer born in Quebec, Jean-Marc Généreux is known for his many victories in dance competitions, especially in Latin dance. Beginning in 2000, he made his début in television, and he regularly appears as a host of dance competitions. Jean-Marc Généreux created several choreographies for the departure flashmob of Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, an event that brought him into contact with the brand. Since then, he has been seen wearing SAINT HONORE watches, and in particular Tour Eiffel and Coloseo Valjoux watches.

Malika Menard

The beauty queen Malika Menard is known for her 2010 title of Miss France. As a law student and aspiring journalist, she began to pursue that line of work after winning the Miss France competition. Since then, she has worked as the presenter of several television shows. Malika got to know SAINT HONORE at the press conference for the brand’s 125th anniversary.

Nathalie Vincent

A French television presenter and actress, Nathalie Vincent made her television débuts on music programmes and went on to appear in a variety of shows and series. In 2009, she participated in the 19th edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, and still remains close to the event by participating in projects of which the proceeds go to the Cœur de Gazelles association. SAINT HONORE met her at the 2013 edition of the race, the launch year of the Opéra Cœur de Gazelles watch, specially designed for the competition.

Prince Albert II of Monaco

The son of Rainier II of Monaco and the actress Grace Kelly, Albert II Prince of Monaco has been ruling the principality since 2005. After studying in the United States and going through various experiences with the French Navy and major international corporations, he began assisting his father in conducting official State affairs. A very popular figure well beyond the borders of Monaco, he is known for his commitment to the environment and sustainable development. The SAINT HONORE brand got a chance to meet him at the departure of the Rallye des Gazelles in Monaco.

Vincent Cerutti

A radio and television host, Vincent Cerutti made his débuts very early on. From age 19, he became the official speaker of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and then a presenter of the Tour de France à la voile. He went on to host various radio shows before making his way onto television. He encountered the SAINT HONORE brand in 2013 at the launch of the Opéra Cœur de Gazelles watch.

Alain Ducasse

After learning French cuisine with the great masters and becoming a renowned chef, Alain Ducasse quickly became a Michelin star-rated chef. He opened his first establishment in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the first in a long list of his restaurants that have met with great success. In particular, his restaurant Le Jules Verne brought Alain Ducasse into contact with SAINT HONORE: beginning in 2015, the press conferences for the watch launches of the Tour Eiffel collection have been held there. Located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, this exceptional venue was an easy choice as the showcase of this collection. A friend of the brand, Alain Ducasse has authorised SAINT HONORE to exhibit a Tour Eiffel watch within the establishment.

Marc Levy

Although he founded various companies after graduating from college, Marc Levy is especially known for his novels, to which he is now fully devoted. He has met with tremendous success in France and abroad, and several of his works have been adapted to the cinema. SAINT HONORE encountered Marc Levy at the festival Des Livres, des Stars, an event with which the brand has a partnership.

Patrick Poivre d'Arvor

A French television personality, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor began his career on the radio. He quickly began presenting the 8 o’clock news and other programmes such as political debates. In parallel to this television career, he worked as an author, and published some sixty literary works.

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