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Saint Honore Paris wishes you a sparkling Christmas



The end of the year is fast approaching, and it is with great pleasure that we recapture this festive ambiance.






Days have shortened but lights make their appearance in the streets and in our homes. The end of the year brings a warm mood, this magic of Christmas which makes the younger ones’ eyes sparkle. Illuminations, candles, ribbons, colored papers and other accessories slowly pop up in our everyday lives and here we are again, enjoying this glowing atmosphere where everything is delight.



A special moment to share with loved ones, friends or family. While preparing these festivities can be a dizzying race, take the time for a few sweet moments. Curl up in the warmth of a fireplace, relish the flavors and scents which are characteristic of the holiday season, get creative when preparing gifts and decorations…





A season which has inspired Saint Honore Paris for its last Christmas campaign.




Watches and accessories are no longer simply gifts but also become decors,

just like complex pieces of jewelry,

radiant snowflakes.

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Get a free golden or python pattern wrap-around strap
for each purchase of an Opera Twist women’s watch


Get a free stainless steel & black lacquer pen
for each purchase of a Carree men’s watch






Saint Honore Paris wishes you all a happy festive season!