Help – FAQ

Do you have a question on the brand SAINT HONORE PARIS or on its products?

Find here the most frequently asked questions. If the information you are seeking is not here, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I distribute Saint Honore products?

Please contact us through the contact us form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I receive information about Saint Honore and its products?

If you wish to receive exclusive information about Saint Honore its news, and products, please register your mail in the newsletter form.

How do I know if I have an authentic product?

The most certain way to ensure a product’s authenticity is to purchase it at a Saint Honore boutique or authorized retailer. We cannot guarantee product authenticity for articles purchased from unauthorized outlets.

Is it possible to purchase Saint Honore products online?

Saint Honore presents a selection of products online. Saint Honore guarantees an express delivery of your order, a secured payment, an guarantee 2 years, and offers free delivery for all purchases. The customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6pm.

Can I see all the Saint Honore products online?

The Saint Honore website features a limited selection of the entire collection. We recommend you to visit the Saint Honore boutiques nearest to you to find a wider selection. If you can’t find a store near to you please contact us by clicking here.

Where can I find a refill for my Saint Honore pen?

You can find a refill for your Saint Honore pen in any authorized retailer. In case, you should not be able to find one, please contact the Customer service by clicking here.

How can I take care of my Saint Honore accessories/jewellery?

Your accessories Saint Honore (pens, cufflinks, wallets) needs very little maintenance. To make them look brand new again, clean them with a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products).

How do I take care of my Saint Honore watch?

The after-sales services handle spare-parts required for carrying out repairs over a period of at least 5 years after a date of purchase.

Service :

  • A complete service must be performed every 2 years,
  • A water-resistance check must be performed every 12 months,
  • All services must be performed by a professional watchmaker (including battery changes) from a certified service center.
  • Regular cleaning will extend the life of your watch and strap.

Functions :

  • The instructions for use detail all the different functions of your watch, please refer to it for any information required.

Straps :

  • Most of our watches come with a deploying buckle for comfort and safety.
  • Additional links for metal brands may also be ordered.

How do I contact the After-Sales Service?

Please liaise with the local Saint Honore distributor/retailer of your country (list available by clicking here). In any other case, please contact us by clicking here.

How can I have a Saint Honore item repaired?

Please bring the item back to the boutique where it was originally purchased, the retailer will then handle your request. If you are unable to return the item back, please contact us by clicking here.

How long are my Saint Honore accessories guaranteed?

We guarantee the quality of your Saint Honore accessories (pens, cufflinks, wallets) one year. Our responsibility will not be engaged in case of any misuse. In order to be valid, the guarantee certificate must be filled in the point of sale with the following information: date of purchase, stamp and signature of our official distributor.

What does the guarantee certificate contain?

Each watch is delivered with a certificate, instructions for use, a Diamond Certificate for diamond watches as well as the list of SAINT HONORE agents/distributors.

  • In order to be valid, the guarantee certificate must be filled in the point of sale with the following information: date of purchase, stamp and signature of our official distributor.
  • Failure to do so may void the 2 years international guarantee.

What is covered by the Saint Honore warranty?

We certify that your Saint Honore watch has been manufactured with the greatest care in our workshop by expert technicians, using first quality components. Your watch bears the “Swiss Made” label. It has been strictly tested and left our workshop in perfect running order, free from any production defect. We guarantee the working condition of your watch for 2 years. Our responsibility will not be engaged in case of any misuse. The batteries, glasses and bracelets are not guaranteed.The Saint Honore guarantee does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear, aging of the watch, the glass or any leather, rubber of textile strap
  • Damage resulting from accidents or improper use (including knocks, scratches…)
  • Damage from any unauthorized service or repair
  • Battery

How long my Saint Honore watch is guaranteed?

Saint Honore timepieces are covered by a 2 years international guarantee from the date of the purchase. During this time, Saint Honore will replace or repair, free of charge, any part presenting a manufacturing defect. Our responsibility will not be engaged in case of any misuse.

My watch bears the label “Swiss Made”. What does it mean?

The “Swiss Made” label enjoys a solid reputation throughout the world. “Swiss Made” embodies a concept of quality that includes: technical quality (accuracy, reliability, water-resistance, shock- resistance), aesthetic quality (elegance and originality of design). The conditions that have to be fulfilled before a watch merits the “Swiss Made” label are as follows: the movement is Swiss, the movement has been cased up in Switzerland (assembly work on the movement and on the watch itself: fitting the movement with the dial, hands and the various parts of the case), the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland. Some Saint Honore timepieces bear the “Swiss Made” label.

How can I apply for a position within the Saint Honore company?

To apply for a position in the Saint Honore company, please send us your resume at Your information will be taken in consideration for any vacancy.