General Terms of Sale


The following conditions, and all other ancillary rules established by SAINT HONORE and provided to customers in accordance with the provisions herein (collectively the "General Sale Conditions") shall apply to all sales of SAINT HONORE products that you (the "Customer" or "you") may order from a company registered in accordance with French laws and for which the registered office is at ZA Le Grand Crot, 25140 CHARQUEMONT, FRANCE ("SAINT HONORE" or designated hereafter as "us" or "our") through the intermediary of SAINT HONORE's website, identified by the domain name (the "Website").

These General Sale Conditions apply exclusively to sales made via the intermediary of the website. SAINT HONORE may modify the General Sale Conditions if applicable, as it wishes.

The General Sale Conditions applicable to any order given via the website are those that are in force at the time that the order was entered in your name by a representative of SAINT HONORE. When you check the "I agree" box or a similar box in the order-confirmation section before giving your order to SAINT HONORE, you indicate your full acceptance of the present General Sale Conditions. If you refuse to accept the present General Sale Conditions, you cannot order SAINT HONORE products from the website.

Persons wishing to use the website shall also be deemed, pursuant to such use, to have agreed to be bound by our Website Usage Condition and our Privacy Policy, which are included by reference in the present General Sale Conditions.


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This site is accessible from countries other than France. It may include products or references to products that are not available outside France. Such references do not imply that the said products will be made available outside France. If you access this site or use it outside France, you are held responsible for compliance with the local laws and regulations that apply to you.


During the registration process, you will be requested to submit personal information about you (including your name, your delivery and invoicing addresses, your date of birth, your email address, your telephone number and data relative to payment). Entry of your data in the required fields allows SAINT HONORE to supply you with the services that you choose. Furthermore, we may also collect personal information concerning you when you write to us (for example, when you send us email or when you send us letters by postal mail), and when you supply data when visiting a shop approved by SAINT HONORE.

We also collect certain information automatically on visitors to our website, as described in the section entitled "Cookies and other information that we collect automatically", below. We use the information that we collect from you to:

  • Manage and process purchases and requests for repairs and after-sales service;
  • Handle your questions and requests;
  • Send communications relative to the service, including announcement messages and administrative messages, such as order confirmations;
  • Announce new products and events related to our company (please see the section "Modify or delete your private information" below, for more information on how you can control these updates);
  • Carry out market studies aiming to continuously improve the services that we provide to our customers;
  • Prevent fraud and other prohibited and illegal activities and understand how our platform is used in order to continuously improve it and our services.


Like most websites, SAINT HONORE records IP addresses and uses cookies and similar technologies that allow us to recognise you and personalise your visit, while supplying us with information on how our visitors access our website. You can obtain more information on our use of cookies and similar technologies below.

What is a cookie?

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What cookies does SAINT HONORE use?

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Type of Cookie


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How can I control or delete cookies?

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IP addresses

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In order to give an order on the website, you must register and create your online account. To register, you must supply valid and up-to-date personal information, such as your first and last names, your telephone number and your email address.

When you have registered your account on the website, you will receive a confirmation email summarising the personal information that you supplied when registering your online account. It is your responsibility to always keep your password safe and secure, as well as the access to your account. SAINT HONORE cannot be held responsible for fraudulent use of your account following access by a third party and their use of your password and the connection identifier for your account.

From time to time, we may change the information necessary for giving a new order or for registering accounts. These modifications will be published on the website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy in the present General Sale Conditions, in which you will find full information concerning the use that we may make of your personal information.

In case of any change to the information communicated by you on the website, please connect to your account and update it directly on the website. Furthermore, if SAINT HONORE has reason to suspect that a third party has breached a customer's registration or the password and/or account connection identifier, SAINT HONORE will immediately cancel and terminate the account and will notify you of the cancellation by email or telephone.


This information is strictly confidential and is intended only for SAINT HONORE and companies designated by it for implementing the sales contract. It is processed in strict compliance with the provisions of law n°78-17 dated 6 January 1978 (modified French data protection act). In accordance with this law, you are entitled to request a copy of the personal data that we hold on you in our archives, to rectify any errors and to update obsolete information. You may also ask us not to send you direct marketing communications (please note, however, that we may still send you communications related to services (meaning not related to marketing) such as updates by email on the status of your orders. If you wish to exercise one of these rights or if you wish to object to the use of your personal information, please write to us directly at:


Marketing Department

ZA le Grand Crot – BP 31

25140 Charquemont

This automated information processing was declared to the French data protection authority under number 1810654 on 17/11/2014. SAINT HONORE reserves the option to contact you to confirm your personal data. However, to keep your personal data confidential and secure, SAINT HONORE will never directly ask you to confirm complete bank details.


We want you to use our website in complete confidence and we undertake to protect the personal information that we collect. We limit access to your personal information to employees who reasonably need to have access to it to supply you with products or services or to perform their work. We have appropriate technical, organisational, electronic, physical and procedural measures to protect the personal information that you supply to us against all illegal or unauthorised procedures and against any accidental loss, damage or destruction.


We do not rent, sell or share personal information concerning you with other persons or companies that are not affiliated to SAINT HONORE, except in the following circumstances:

  • to third-party suppliers who provide services in our name, such as the management of credit card transactions and the prevention of fraud;
  • we may disclose your personal information to any organisation in application of the law, or if instructed by a court order, a regulatory organisation, a governmental authority or any other third party if we believe that it is necessary to fulfil regulatory or legal obligations or to protect our rights or the rights of third parties; and
  • we may disclose your personal information to any third party who acquires or to whom we transfer all or a substantial part of our assets and our activity. In the case of such a sale or transfer, we do everything possible to try to ensure that the entity to which we transfer your personal data uses it in accordance with this privacy policy.



Only persons who (a) are over eighteen years old, (b) have the legal capacity to conclude contracts and may order products on the website (please also consult the payment and dispatch sections below for more details). If you have not reached the age of majority or if for any other reason you do not have the legal capacity to conclude contracts, one of your parents or your guardian must give the order in your name, and thus approve the present General Sale Conditions. Any order given in breach of the present clause shall be considered as null and void.

By giving an order on the website, you declare and warrant that you are a Customer and final user in good faith and that you are not delivering, selling or distributing SAINT HONORE products in any other manner and that you are not purchasing SAINT HONORE products for commercial purposes or for any commercial aim whatsoever. If, in spite of our efforts, the product is no longer available, or if SAINT HONORE has valid reasons to believe that an order has been given in breach of the present General Sale Conditions, then SAINT HONORE may refuse this order.


If you wish to give an order on the website, your order will be processed as follows: Once you have chosen a product, please click on the "Add to basket" button to place this product in your basket. You may then decide to continue your purchasing and add them to your basket (subject to availability and quantity limits) or go to the payment stage by clicking the "Order" button. You may also delete one or more products that you have selected from the basket.

When you give an order on the website, you must, according to the case, give other personal information (shipping address, invoicing address and payment details). You warrant that all personal information communicated to SAINT HONORE is true and accurate. SAINT HONORE or its third-party service providers may collect additional personal information at that moment for reasons of security and the fight against fraud. Please see our Privacy Policy, in which you will find detailed information concerning the manner and period during which we may use or retain your personal information.


All orders given on the website are subject to availability and to the agreement of SAINT HONORE.

SAINT HONORE reserves the right to modify the selection of items offered on the website and may, in particular, selectively limit the quantity of SAINT HONORE products that may be ordered by a Customer during a single purchase transaction. The orders may not include more than 5 products in a single purchase operation on the website.

The Customer Relations Service and the products pages on the website will supply you with information concerning the products currently offered for sale through these channels. Please note that only the products having an "Add to basket" button may be sold through the website. You may also contact the Customer Relations Service by telephone (telephone number given on the website) and a representative of SAINT HONORE will provide you with detailed information concerning the availability of products and will guide you in your purchases.


Although SAINT HONORE endeavours to check the accuracy of the information published on the website, in advertisements or in catalogues, it does not supply any guarantee, explicit or implicit, concerning the accuracy, reliability and comprehensiveness of such information. SAINT HONORE does not confirm the price of a SAINT HONORE product before it issues an order confirmation, thus indicating the existence of a legally-binding sales contract. If the correct price of a SAINT HONORE product is higher than the price displayed on our website, then SAINT HONORE will contact the Customer to request instructions before sending the order or, if SAINT HONORE cannot receive instructions from the Customer, it will reject the order and notify him/her of this rejection. Although SAINT HONORE endeavours to ensure that the descriptions, photographs or graphical representations of SAINT HONORE products displayed on the website or in a catalogue are as accurate as possible, SAINT HONORE cannot guarantee that these or other content are free of all errors, whether due to inaccuracy, omission, obsolete elements or for any other reason. Consequently, the Customer's sole remedy in case of such error is to return the product as specified in our returns policy.


Except where stated to the contrary, all prices given on the product pages of the website are in euros, including VAT, excluding delivery charges and any other taxes.

SAINT HONORE reserves the right to change the prices and delivery charges at any time without notice. The price of a product and the delivery charges displayed on the website, at the time when SAINT HONORE sends an order confirmation to you, will be honoured by SAINT HONORE.

Standard mailing (delivery by Colissimo) is free of charge for all orders. SAINT HONORE reserves the right to charge additional fees for express delivery (delivery by Fedex).

The delivery charges will be displayed on your order page before you are asked to confirm the order and send it to SAINT HONORE (in the case of an order given on the website), and they also appear on the order confirmation and the invoice (if you choose to receive one). The delivery charges are described, if applicable, in the dispatch policy specified in the General Sale Conditions.


We recommend that you carefully verify all details of an order on the website before sending it.

After having fully verified your order, please first check the box located next to the statement "I have read the General Sale Conditions and I unreservedly agree to comply with them" in order to state your acceptance of the present General Sale Conditions, then on the button "Continue my payment" (on the website), to send your order.

By sending an order, you send SAINT HONORE an offer to purchase the products placed in your "Basket". Notwithstanding any contrary provision herein, SAINT HONORE reserves the right to refuse, cancel and terminate orders at any time for legitimate reasons. For example, SAINT HONORE may refuse, terminate or cancel your order in case of an ongoing dispute concerning the payment of a previous order or if SAINT HONORE suspects attempted fraud or any other type of breach of the present General Sale Conditions.


16.1. Payment by credit card or payment card

You can pay for your order by credit or debit card, as indicated on the website.

Your invoicing address must be in France, as previously indicated. Indeed, only persons who (a) are over eighteen years old, (b) have the legal capacity to conclude contracts and (c) are resident in France may order products on the website.

When ordering on the website, you must give your payment details on the appropriate form. Please see our Privacy Policy (clause 4), in which you will find detailed information concerning the manner and period during which we may use or retain your personal information and recordings of conversations.

16.2. Security

SAINT HONORE takes precautions – administrative, technical and physical – to protect your personal information against loss, theft or fraudulent use and against any unauthorised access, disclosure, falsification or destruction. SAINT HONORE uses the Internet "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) encryption system on all web pages on which personal information is collected.

We do everything possible to protect your personal information during the entire online sale process, but we cannot guarantee the integrity and security of data that you communicate to the website and we cannot be held responsible for any harm or loss following use of the Internet, for example, in cases of piracy. To obtain any additional information concerning our procedures on the use and protection of your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy, (clause 4).


Once you have given your order on the website, you will receive an Order Acknowledgement by email stating the details of your order, as well as the present General Sale Conditions. This Order Acknowledgement will contain an Order Reference Number assigned by SAINT HONORE. Please carefully check the General Sale Conditions upon reception and make sure that you keep the order reference number for any future questions concerning your order.

This Order Acknowledgement does not constitute acceptance of your order. After sending the Order Acknowledgement, SAINT HONORE will carry out the usual checks, then will process your order.


When sending the ordered product, after having performed its security checks, SAINT HONORE will send you an Order Confirmation.

The Order Confirmation constitutes acceptance of your order by SAINT HONORE, thus specifying the existence of a legally-binding sales contract.

SAINT HONORE will retain the information concerning all orders in accordance with applicable laws. These documents will be available to Customers either after registration in the "My Account" section of the website, or by contacting the Customer Service Centre.


The following services will be offered freely on the website:

19.1. Gift packaging, special SAINT HONORE packaging

All of our dispatches are carefully packed with special SAINT HONORE packaging. The SAINT HONORE presentation box and the special packaging may be of high quality. If you or the addressee of the gift decide to return the product, it must be returned in its original packaging.

19.2. Watch bracelet adjustment

Certain watches have their bracelets adjusted. If you request adjustment of a watch bracelet, the removed links will be included in the delivery and must be returned with the product if you decide to return it.


For security reasons, the products purchased through the website are delivered to the address associated with the bank or payment card, except where specified to the contrary by the Customer. The signature of the Customer or, if he/she is a minor, his/her legal representative, will be required at the time of delivery.

As stated on the website, the delivery is free of charge. You can contact the Customer Relations Service for further information.

All of the purchases will be delivered by a Collissimo courier service (hereafter the "Carrier") within 48 hours between Monday and Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from the day following that of the dispatch by SAINT HONORE of confirmation of acceptance of the order, based on the stated availability. SAINT HONORE may not be held responsible for unforeseen delays or delays exclusively attributable to the Carrier.

In each package, other than the SAINT HONORE product purchased, you will find

(a) all ancillary accessories, if applicable,

(b) a "thank you" card;

(c) the documentation package containing the product manual and the international guarantee;

(d) your invoice.

SAINT HONORE insures the purchases for the duration of their transit until they are delivered to you. We require the signature of an adult confirming reception of each delivered SAINT HONORE product. From this moment, responsibility for the goods is yours.

The Customer or his/her representative must be present at the delivery address specified on the order. At the time of delivery of the Products by the Carrier, the Customer must check:

(a) that the number of items delivered corresponds to that specified on the delivery slip; and

(b) the packaging is intact and sealed, it has not suffered any damage, it is not damp or deteriorated in any way whatsoever. Any damage caused to the package and/or the product, or any contradiction in the number of items or in the documentation must be immediately reported in writing on the Carrier's delivery slip. Once the Carrier's delivery slip has been signed, the Customer may no longer make any objection concerning the external characteristics of the package.


For all orders given on the website, we automatically provide you with an invoice inside the package summarising the products purchased on our website. You may subsequently, and at any time, request a duplicate invoice by calling the Customer Relations Service (telephone number given on the website), subject to provision of proof of your identity to the Customer Relations Service.

Please note that SAINT HONORE does not communicate the invoice or information concerning the payment to the addressee of the gift.


As a Customer residing in the European Union, you are entitled to revoke the present Contract within 14 days without providing a reason. 

To exercise his right of withdrawal, the Customer has to notify his decision to withdraw thanks to a clearly worded statement on a durable medium, enclosed in the package, at the following address: SAINT HONORE PARIS – ZA Les Grands Crots – BP31 – 25140 Charquemont

If the Client decides to exercise his right of withdrawal, he has to return the Product in its original packaging, in its original conditions, with the corresponding delivery note and/or the invoice within 14 days following the date of receipt.

Charges for return shall be at the Customer's expense.

Products which are not returned in their original packaging or in conditions unsuitable for sale can be refused by our After Sale Department and can be sent back to the Client: in this case, the reimbursement will not take place.

Any Product returned in disregard to these terms can be refused by SAINT HONORE: they will therefore not be sugbject to reimbursement or will result in a claim for compensation from SAINT HONORE, depending on the damages on the Product.

The Reimbursement will take place after the Product is received and controlled by our staff.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised on Products that are personalised or specially manufactured according to the Client's particular specifications and on Products unsealed by the Client and which cannot be returned on grounds othe protection of health or hygiene


In order to ensure your full satisfaction, SAINT HONORE also offers the same return period to gift recipients, providing that they comply strictly with the present General Sale Conditions.

If a product returned by a gift recipient does not fulfil the standards of quality control or if the gift recipient otherwise breaches the present General Sale Conditions, SAINT HONORE will refuse the return and will send the product back to the gift recipient.

If a product is returned to the SAINT HONORE e-shop, only a Customer will be entitled to receive a reimbursement. Under no circumstances will the gift recipient be entitled to reimbursement.


24.1. Return process

Products purchased on the website may be returned to the following address: SAINT HONORE PARIS SAS, ZA Le Grand Crot, BP31, 25140 CHARQUEMONT

Products that were not purchased on the website CANNOT be returned to the SAINT HONORE e-shop.

To facilitate the return process, please follow the steps mentioned below.

Firstly, please contact the Customer Relations Service (telephone number and email address given on our website) to inform us of your decision to revoke and to obtain a Return Number (we will not bill any additional communication charges) or download the revocation form and go to the page "My account", section "My product returns".


(a) Complete the fields on the "My product returns" page

(b) Put the completed return/revocation form with the product, all its accessories, the product manual, the certificate of authenticity and the international guarantee, if applicable, and all other documents, in the product's original box and packaging,

(c) Seal the package and place the pre-paid return label supplied by SAINT HONORE,

(d) Take your package to the local post office.

The Customer or gift recipient, according to the case, must keep proof that they have sent the return and SAINT HONORE declines all responsibility if proof cannot be supplied. Only goods received by the SAINT HONORE e-shop may give entitlement to reimbursement.

Upon reception of the returned goods, SAINT HONORE will check that the returned product is compliant with the present General Sale Conditions.

24.2. Conditions for returning a product

SAINT HONORE products must be returned new and unused.

Watch bracelets that were adjusted at the request of the Customer must be returned with exactly the same number of links as in the original package.

Please also return the box and the original package to SAINT HONORE, with all its accessories, the product manual, the international guarantee, if applicable, with all protective materials and labels in place, and the labels and stickers attached to the products. Failure to do so shall entitle SAINT HONORE to either retain the corresponding value from the reimbursement made to the Customer, or refuse the product returned by the gift recipient.

SAINT HONORE will subject all returns to rigorous quality control to make sure that the returned products are compliant with quality requirements.

If the returned product satisfies the quality control standards, SAINT HONORE will make the reimbursement.

24.3. Product exchanges for Customers and Gift Recipients

Customers and Gift Recipients may exchange a purchased product for another SAINT HONORE product if the product to be exchanged fulfils the present General Sale Conditions.

If a Customer or a gift recipient returns a product to the SAINT HONORE e-shop to exchange it, only the Customer will be entitled to receive a reimbursement of the price difference when the product to be returned is more expensive than the desired SAINT HONORE product. If the product returned is less expensive than the desired product, the price difference shall be payable by the Customer or the gift recipient.

In both cases, SAINT HONORE will send the Customer an email giving the value of the returned product, the price of the item for which the original product was exchanged and the amount of the difference to be paid by the Customer or the amount that the Customer is entitled to receive.


SAINT HONORE carefully checks that each product is rigorously compliant with the quality standards applicable to it and that it fulfils all inspections, both technical and aesthetic.

The selected products are covered by the SAINT HONORE international guarantee. If you wish to repair a product covered by the SAINT HONORE international guarantee, please contact or call our Customer Relations Service for more information.


In your capacity as customer, you may have the same rights pursuant to applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods; these rights are not affected by the present General Sale Conditions.


For all questions concerning repairs, please contact our Customer Relations Service (telephone number and email address on the website).


To obtain information or help relative to the website or to online purchasing methods, please contact us:

  1. by email at [email protected]
  2. by telephone at 03 81 68 66 89
  3. or by letter at the following address:


    ZA Le Grand Crot – BP 31




Information and complaints. In case of any complaint, please contact our Customer Relations Service at the following address: SAINT HONORE PARIS SAS, ZA Le Grand Crot, BP31, 25140 CHARQUEMONT. For more extensive information or for complaints, you may also contact the Customer Relations Service at the telephone number and email address given on the website.

Entire agreement. The General Sale Conditions constitute the entire agreement concluded between you and SAINT HONORE concerning your purchase of SAINT HONORE products on the website and cancel all prior general sale conditions.

  1. If a provision of the General Sale Conditions is considered partially null or inapplicable by a court, for any reason whatsoever, it shall be null or inapplicable only to that extent, and the validity and applicability of the other provisions of the General Sale Conditions shall not be affected.


The present General Sale Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with French law without reference to the provisions concerning any conflict of laws and excluding the convention on the international sale of goods (CISG).

Produced in: November 2014.