Our Inspirations

SAINT HONORE PARIS proudly bears the name of the French capital because the city is a central element in its collections. In their masculine version, these watches reveal an assertive sports style that is also essential to the watch brand.

Parisian elegance

A symbol of prestige and elegance, Paris remains the source of inspiration for SAINT HONORE in the creation of its products. Architecture and fashion, which both resonate with the City of Lights, are inspiring the brand’s founders and designers more than ever.

The Parisian style – that natural elegance that traditional pieces enhance in a tasteful, understated way – is a choice of which the brand is proud. The city’s taste for excellence and intensity is evident in timepieces that combine allure with modernity for a discreetly assertive personality.


The SAINT HONORE collections reveal the various faces of Paris for an intoxicating voyage to the heart of the most beautiful city in the world.


Haussman, Opéra, Monceau, Orsay, Trocadéro, Auteuil… Are not just meeting places for the elegant “Tout-Paris”, but also the brand’s best-known lines.


The designs of these pieces celebrate the streets, monuments and districts of Paris and reveal the city’s charisma in each detail, from the curves of the watch case to the adornments of the dial.

The automotive universe

Born from a passion for the automotive universe and reinforced through an encounter with Paul Belmondo, the distinctive spirit of the SAINT HONORE brand has developed with its collections.

The adventure began at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Black Racing edition of the Orsay Chronograph, which the brand was proud to see on the wrist of Paul Belmondo. The racing driver became a SAINT HONORE ambassador in the 2000s and inspired the brand to pursue its collaborations with other racing drivers.


From these distinctive designs emerge the streamlined curves of a racing car, and from the dials emanate the refined finishes of sports car interiors. These watches, like exceptional automobiles, therefore become synonyms of precision, reliability and excellence.

These values, which the brand shares with these sports events, demonstrate the uncompromising test conditions required for the design of reliable timepieces.


The chronograph brings a new facet to the various models, and the collections are revealed in a new light. These include Haussman, Monceau, Orsay and the recent Lutécia, which one might imagine speeding off along a racing track.
Massively elegant watch cases, sharp angles, carbon designs, and touches of red, orange or blue: such are the distinctive elements of the sport-chic identity unique to the SAINT HONORE range.