Enter our Workshop

In the beginning, an inspiration


SAINT HONORE has always taken inspiration from the spirit of Paris, the City of Lights, because it represents elegance and the world-renowned French-style art of living.


The creation process for a new model always begins with the brand’s own identity.


Together, we develop all the details that constitute our signature.

When the idea takes shape!


Designers work with SAINT HONORE for an entire year – from the sketch to the finalisation of the product – to determine the appearance of each new watch.


The bold, contemporary stylistic signature of SAINT HONORE is an interpretation of Parisian elegance. It is there in the pureness of the lines and the attention brought to the choice of materials, all as unexpected as they are innovative.


Each model begins with an idea. An original shape, plays on perspectives and volumes, a knowing interlacing of lines and curves: the designer puts it all down on paper. Several sketches are made for each new range or the new development of a model.

Hand-drawn watches

The first freehand sketches are followed by other drawings that refine the idea and establish precise proportions.


While a designer is an artist above all, at this phase he or she must already take into account the limits of the manufacturing process to come and especially the movement that the watch will have to accommodate.

From the design to the object: the development process

The designer then takes the draft from pencil to computer in order to develop a three-dimensional model of the object and the plans that define it. At this stage, he or she designs a virtual life-sized object to bring the finishing touches to each detail, such as choosing colours and materials or perfecting the use of light and relief.


Throughout the creative process, SAINT HONORE works closely with its partners, whose production teams anticipate the technical limitations of each piece. A trial and test period then ensue, leading up to the final product.


The watches are assembled by watchmakers at the SAINT HONORE production unit. The various elements are controlled and then assembled, and the watches are engraved and placed under pressure for verification. After the straps are attached, the products are ready.


The marketing teams then take over to determine the communication strategy. And before long, the watches will be available to adorn your wrists.